First Classes and Pricing


Contact us to arrange a one on one meeting to decide if we may be a perfect fit for you. Below is the list of classes we will first offer. We have chosen to roll out with these first due to the demand for quality classes of this nature. We can easily add other subjects. Let us know if you’re looking for something else and we’ll make it happen.

EFI tuning- (class duration- 60 hours- cost $2,000)

In this class you will be given a foundation in electronic powertrain tuning. You will learn how all types of gasoline engines, including gas direct injection, are tuned. From ECU reprogramming to old school ECU chipping, you will learn it all. We can provide virtually any vehicles students would like to learn on or you can bring your own. Upon class completion each student will receive 4 hours of free dyno time to use at their own disposal. Learn by doing it and seeing the results!!!

Diesel Performance and Tuning- (class duration- 60 hours-cost $2,500) 

That's right. The first in the country! This class will teach you the principles of building and tuning an indestructible diesel engine. You will learn advanced computer-based dyno tuning methods. By doing it!!! Again, we have virtually any diesel platform at our disposal, or bring in your own. Upon class completion each student will receive 4 hours of free dyno time to use at their own disposal.

Basic Welding and HP Fabrication- (class duration 120 hours- cost $3,750)

This class will teach you how to effectively design and build turbo piping, exhaust, and use torches, plasma cutters, wire feed and TIG welders. You also learn basic metal fabrication techniques and late model engine swap principles. Bring in your own project or we’ll provide a vehicle to modify. We’re thinking of starting with an LSX 1971 Chevelle build! This is our longest class, and you will learn it by doing it!!! As a side note: most shops charge more than the cost of this class to build and install a turbo setup or perform an engine swap on just one vehicle. After this class, with the right tools, you’ll never pay for this service again. Or better yet, you can do it for your own customers!

Powertrain Management and Check Engine Light Diagnostics-(class duration 48 hours- cost $1,500) 

This is a good starting point for any student. Designed to explain the computer systems of today’s vehicles (gas and diesel). Once you know how it works, you can then fix it, or tune it. This class may be a good prerequisite to tuning classes, based on your current level of auto experience.

Basic Automotive Principles-(class duration 12 hours- cost $400) 

This is a starting point for anyone with no prior automotive knowledge and wanting to learn more advanced automotive crafts such as tuning or engine building. You need a solid foundation before taking such courses.

Basic Automotive Electricity-(class duration 50 hours- cost $1,250) 

This is another class for anyone lacking in the automotive electrical space. Virtually everything on today’s vehicles uses some form of electricity. Once this course is completed you will know your way around a wiring diagram and know how to approach diagnosing any part of a vehicle’s electrical system!


We welcome all of our students to bring their own projects for any of these classes. This is great if you’re looking to learn and fix up your vehicle at the same time. Instead of simply paying a shop to tune your car or do an engine upgrade for you, do it in one of our classes that’s relatively the same price (or less) and learn at the same time!

***All classes require a deposit to book (deposit amount varies on class cost). Any class that takes additional time to wrap up will be granted the time at no additional charge to the student.

Veterans, we're here for you because you are here for us!

Please use our Contact form to let us know you’re an interested Verteran and we’ll take whatever steps necessary to help with VA funding!


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