Eli Koorey has over a decade of experience training successful technicians both in the field and the classroom. He has published 2 iBooks that have been downloaded thousands of times and has been ASE Master Certified since 1998. Working with a small cast of other professional trainers, Eli put together classes with proprietary, copy written training materials that provide students with unlimited potential in the Auto, Diesel, and High Performance fields.


1. Does it irritate you to pay someone else to repair your vehicle?

2. Have you ever tried to repair a car, or wondered how it works?

3. Are you interested in learning extreme diesel or gasoline engine performance?

4. Would you like to learn advanced electronic gas and diesel engine tuning methods, including direct injection?

5. Are you interested in learning automotive fabrication and metal works, including all types of welding?

6. Would you like to learn automotive skills in a hands-on environment instead of from a book and sitting in a classroom?

7. Are you currently shopping Automotive Training Schools and find them to be very expensive and require many classes, just to get to the ones you want?

8. Are you enrolled in an automotive education program now and have serious doubts that you will leave with the proper skills to succeed?

9. Do you already work on cars professionally and would like to learn more about the most modern electronic systems?

10. Would you like to learn a skill that could comfortably support you and your family the rest of your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we developed our training program specifically for YOU!

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