Class Structure

Class sizes will have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 students to ensure the quality of instruction is of the highest standards. This is not the case at much larger Automotive training facilities. Training aids are broken, outdated, and vandalized by students not serious about learning the craft. While other schools keep these students enrolled to maximize profits, we will not... Students will be thoroughly screened before entry and only the elite will be permitted to enroll. Theft and vandalism will not be permitted.

The shop/school was founded by advanced powertrain expert and ASE Master Certified Technician Eli Koorey and will not employ even one instructor that doesn't have the passion or skill to teach these automotive crafts.

This puts our number one focus on YOU, the student. While at the facility, you will be given instruction on the latest gasoline and diesel powertrains, and learn metal works on industry standard tools and equipment. You will learn how to effectively tune both gas and diesel powertrains on an industry leading chassis dyno. Make no mistake, this is a live shop. We have a parts department, we complete regular vehicle repairs, and we perform extreme powertrain upgrades. This totally submerges you into the automotive profession. After only one week, you will know if this is the craft for you!

Did we mention we are the first diesel performance school in the country!!!

And yes, you can work on your own car or project!

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