Dyno Specials

dyno block.001

We currently have 80 hours of prepaid dyno time up for grabs (to use at your own convenience). These 80 hours are heavily discounted and are great for the weekend tuner or a few folks looking to throw in on dyno time ($80 or $75/hour for 2wd is a steal, as is $130 or $122/hour for AWD). Regular dyno rates are listed below. Contact us to book an event for the day, purchase one of the time slots increments listed above, or if you need something not on the menu!

Regular Dyno Rates:

2wd- rental only (no tuning) $100/hour

2wd- tuning $150/hour

AWD- rental only (no tuning) $175/hour

AWD- tuning $225/hour

**Dyno charges are 1 hour minimums due to setup time involved. After the first hour, dyno time is calculated in 1/2 hour increments.

Stay tuned for dyno day schedules for those of you only needing a few dyno runs!

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