We  will manufacture and stock a wide variety of parts to install for our customers,  as well stocking parts that are now unavailable locally for the do it yourselfer (there’s nothing more annoying than needing one coupler to finish a job and you have to order it, we get that). Below is a short list of parts we will stock upon opening.

-Custom GTR exhaust parts (fitted on our test car)

-VP racing fuels C16/Q16/E85/ and Moto fuel

-Several different sized intercoolers

-Nitrous Oxide refilling

-Both Stainless Steel and Aluminum mandrel bends of various diameters

-Various sized silicone couplers, adapters, and T-bolt clamps

-AEM widebands

-Diesel EGT sensor and gauge sets

-ECU chip hardware and boards

-Boost controllers

-Tial Blow Off valves

-Vibrant flanges

-GM LS series gasket sets

-Straight exhaust pipe and hangers (aluminized and stainless)

-Various -AN fittings and hose

-Custom made exhaust flanges

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