About us

Located in Lebanon, Tennessee, Red Star Perfomance LLC is a business founded around the principles of thinking differently, serving the community, and thinking big…

Eli and Sabrina Koorey owned and operated 2 successful shops in the Atlanta area. After the birth of their first daughter, they began looking for a change of scenery. This led them to Nashville in 2009. They moved to Nashville for Eli to work as an instructor at what was then Nashville Auto Diesel College. As the top graduate of NADC in June of 1997, he liked the idea of passing on years of knowledge and experiences to the next crop of auto enthusiast. 

While at NADC, Eli and fellow instructor, Scott McDonald, built the high performance program at the college that is now in place today. They implemented hands-on tuning and high performance engine and machining concepts, building and tuning several 1000hp+ engines with the students. However, as many of you are now finding out, the trade school sector is under attack in many different ways. Many schools had to cut costs, thus cutting the value of many programs. For this reason, Eli decided to leave the classroom and pursue  a position at  Nissan of North America. He developed new and efficient ways of delivering and collecting information remotely from the field engineers. Prior to leaving the classroom though, he began to formulate a plan to combine a live shop AND training facility under one roof, a better way of teaching the craft. It was then that the search began for partners with the same vision.  After many years, and a move to Nissan, the search led to Ernesto Gutierrez and Brian VanAmburg. 

Both graduates of Nashville Auto Diesel College, Brian and Ernesto have an inspiring passion for high performance. Brian graduated the auto/diesel program with high marks, and Ernesto excelled in the fabrication program, becoming a craftsman in metal works. With all the pieces of the puzzle in place, and a small fortune, the shop began!

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